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Our Blues – personal take

Came across this new K-drama in Netflix and it’s not your usual romance, lovey-dovey, action or comedy. Main OST (With You) was sung by Jimin of BTS and Ha Sung Woon. Another beautiful OST – Once Again by Winter and Ningning of Aespa and Star by Stay-C.

Instantly, I was moved by its trailer. A series with 20 episodes, with 2 or 3 episodes focusing on each character. Setting is in a quaint place of Jeju island. The main characters grew up in Jeju and the storyline evolved in this group of people.

My bias is the story of Shin Min-a, a mom with depression. Fighting over the custody of her son and at the same time fighting her illness. I won’t talk about how the series ended, we’re still in episode 13 as of this writing. But I’d like to commend how they depict depression.

Shi Min-ah as Min Seon-A

On a personal note, I can relate in the overall feeling of gloom. Min Seon-A (Shin Min-ah) when her illness attacks, her surrounding becomes suddenly dark, completely black and rainy. The downpour adds to its dramatic effect. And yes, depression is not about endless crying. It’s a lot deeper… The gloom, for most depressive patients, is when you seem to have an eye covering. It’s like an extra shutter or curtain and it blocks your sight. The heaviness that you feel is loneliness in a whole different level. It just happens, and you just feel sad without knowing why…

Enough with depression, will have a separate post in next Psychology blog.

Different stories, one with anger management issues, poverty, raising children, teenage struggles, relevant issues of the present. “Our Blues” is an omnibus-style drama that tells the bitter-sweet and sour life stories of a diverse array of characters, that are somehow interconnected, in one way or another.

With its award winning writer – Noh Hee Kyung and Directors – Kim Kyu Tae & Lee Jung Mook, this indeed is a wonderful series. Heart-warming and realistic, this drama has an amazing ensemble of cast including Shin Min-ah, Lee Byung Hun, Han Ji Min, etc. And if you are tired of watching rom-com, give this one a try.


Passionate about Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Family and Health. Received Certification in Nutrition and Health from Wageningen University, Introduction to Psychology, Managing Emotions from Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional and Social Intelligence by UC Davis. Currently studying Graphic Design under California Institute of Arts as her first love - Art <3 사랑

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