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Signs God is Testing You

Are you encountering problems and in a really difficult situation right now?

You are not alone.

Like many Christians, we are being tested as we grow closer to Jesus.

I’m sharing something personal and quite embarrassing. Before, I was afraid of studying the bible, this negative notion – “if I grow spiritually I may not be able to pass the testing of God, I might face difficult challenges and fail Him without end.”

I realized that it’s my ego that has been creating excuses; because I’m already a good person, I’ve read the bible before in school and there’s no need to do more, too busy, etc.

Until ordeals came…

When harships occur in our life, it is called a test.

These tests are not the same as tempation. The bible says that God will not tempt us to sin. God is faithful and will not let you be tempted beyond your capabilities.

When tempted, no one can say, “God is tempting me.” for God cannot be tempted by evil nor does He tempt anyone.

– James 1:13

God may test us in many ways. Part of our spiritual journey is testing, as gold is refined through fire, in the same manner, God will use trials to refine our faith.

Without trials our faith will be superficial and there’s no chance for faith to become stronger and deeper. Many people tend to forget God when everything is convenient and they have everything they need.

For those undergoing huge challenges – hope this post lifts you up a little and help you not be discouraged… These are the signs God may be testing your faith.

Signs that God is testing you

  1. Delayed answers to prayers
  2. Family problem
  3. Hopelessness
  4. Failure to achieve goals
  5. Financial issues
  6. Heartbreak
  7. Illness

The last one I can relate the most, dealing with chronic illness for a looong time. I waited, even up to this day… I even imagined myself as the woman who was miraculously healed after touching Jesus’ robe (Luke 8:44).

With similar issue – hemorrhage (bleeding) for 12 years, maybe I could be like her,

I will be healed…


Let this be a reminder for us all, if we choose to trust Jesus and allow His peace to overwhelm us, He will bring us through the storm.



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