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Hello world!

Took me awhile to write my very first post. But still hooray!

I know many started blogging way before me and were very successful in their own fields. Why do i start my own blog? I met two young bloggers last month and I was immensely inspired. Thinking, maybe i can share all my collections to everyone instead of writing a review. I’ve been always wanting to help and perhaps this is one way to do so. Follow me and let’s explore the world and My Panoplies…


Mitch Espina founded Chocolate Chimney year 2009 that made artisanal and decorated cakes and cookies known in the Philippines. Invited to consign with SM SVI (supermarket) paved way to her business and put up 5 stalls in prime SM Supermarket branches in Metro Manila. She is also passionate about Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Family and Health. Received Certification in Nutrition and Health from Wageningen University and currently studying Psychology by University of British Columbia.

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