i love you dadi

in less than a year, I’ve lost my brother and just today, my dad. They’re passing were both sudden and painful. No words to describe the emotions I’m feeling right now. And my thoughts are running incessantly searching for answers in this moment of sorrow. I’m shaken and my heart is beaten, crushed into pieces that only God knows when and how will this end.

Some may misjudge me for posting while grieving, but let me share this quote from one of my favorite authors, Anne Frank.

“I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage reborn.”

I’ve been receiving messages of sympathy and prayers, I’m thankful for the comfort and consolation they bring to our grieving hearts. With two of our beloved family members’ passing so sudden, I’m left shaken. May this be a reminder to all that time is finite, life is very short,now it’s too late for me to tell my dad I love him but I pray with all my might that he knows…


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